The look into the "rolls royce" of shea butter

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“Everything in my business relationships must be ethical and genuine”

There was a time when blacks were not allowed to own businesses at all. It is an incredible achievement how black business owners have made such a dent in the socioeconomic barrier and I am so glad to be a part of this change in business.

Our Story

This company never intended to happen, it became the company it is today through sharing. I have fused together a blend of botanical fragrances and Shea Butter. It is a formula that was passed down to me from my relatives who combined their fragrances with shea butter. I  freely shared my moisturizer with coworkers while working in the Allied Health field, they assured me that after continuous hand washing, they could not get the same relief and smell from any other moisturizer in their home. I began to sell to coworkers who in return, shared ny Shea Butter with their family members who became repeat, loyal customers and Shea Shea la femme Butter SCENTED LLC was born.

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Our mission

To become the primary after shower, hand washing moisturizer in every home. I will work day and night to make sure that I improve my marketing to reach the homes of everyone that has yet to experience the phenomenon. We will one day replace the toxic, unhealthy moisturizers used in homes today such as Vaseline and lotion.

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Fact Check #1

There are only two ingredients total in this magical, perfect blend moisturizer. When most retail moisturizers say Shea Butter, it's added on top of several harmful ingredients. "Not us" 

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Fact Check #2

Guaranteed freshness with post production shelf life of two years. You will be unable to maintain a jar for longer than two weeks at best.

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Fact Check #3

Considered to be the new and improved moiturizer for the ages. Competition is considered to not even come close to the growth of our usage nationwide.

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